Brick vs. Wood – Which Construction Material Is Better for My Home’s Structure?

A Professional New Home Builder’s Opinion

Choosing the right material for building a custom home is the cornerstone for design, quality, and comfort. Both wood and brick are practical and beautiful choices. They also come in a variety of styles, treatments, finishes, and colors. Wood and brick are durable, natural looking, and insulate well. Since both of them offer so many benefits, it’s very hard to choose between these two. As a reputable new home builder, we suggest you take the following factors into consideration.

Wood woks well in remote settings and warm climates, while brick is mostly used in cold climates. Brick has the advantage of retaining natural heat, thus adding comfort to your home in the cold season. Because of its strength and durability, brick is also used in areas where storms are common. Wood, on the other hand, is lighter compared with brick and more flexible. This particular advantage will offer your new home builder the ability to add beautiful and unique architectural elements to your home.

Wood is sensible and lovely for cottages and semi-permanent houses. It is safe, healthy, affordable, and biodegradable. Additionally, wood structures are easier to build, renovate, or alter than buildings made of brick.

Brick can be resold with little effort, insures well, and has property value. High quality bricks can last up to two generations, so you can easily add longevity to their benefits list. However, there are also a few drawbacks. The biggest one is the price. Brick is more expensive than wood.

Both brick and wood are easy to clean. A simple spray or wash is all it takes to clean them. While brick requires little to no maintenance at all, wood may need regular maintenance. However, the quality of the installation is what usually dictates the maintenance frequency for years to come. In other words, you need to hire a very good custom home builder if you want to have less problems with your wood home.

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