Choosing the Best Type of Foundation for Your Home

Things You Need to Know before Hiring a Construction Company

Every construction project starts with laying the foundation for the new building. Foundations play a crucial role in the strength, stability, and longevity of a building. A strong foundation makes your home safe, less prone to cracking, and sturdier in extreme weather conditions. But, for each type of construction, there is a type of foundation. Selecting the right foundation for your home is often the key to a successful building project. So, here are a few things you need to know about foundations. Make sure you do your homework right before you hire a construction company.

Construction Company in Wilmington, NCFooting
Footing is the base of the foundation. Basically, it’s a trench filled with concrete. The footing is designed to carry the weight of the building to the ground. In order to offer a proper base for the foundation, the footing must be wider than the foundation edge, column, or wall. The key to sturdy footing is to install it below any frost levels.

Foundation walls or slab
The foundation goes on top of the footing and can be made of different material, including brick, stone, and concrete. Concrete is the most popular material for foundation applications. The main reason why concrete is the most widely used material is that it offers great benefits, such as durability, strength, and flexibility. Concrete can be poured in any shapes and forms, which means it can take the shape of the bottom side of the wall that goes on top of the foundation. In other words, the walls will have a perfectly molded base.

Bricks and stones can also be used as foundation applications; however, they are not as popular as concrete. Plus, brick or stone foundations are not as strong as concrete ones. Additionally, not every construction company offers stone or brick foundation services. You may have to search for a specialized contractor for this task.

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