Want to Know Who You Will Be Dealing with When Hiring a Construction Firm?

Construction company managers are similar to most other managers. They set up schedules, are responsible for the finances, ensure everybody is in the right plac, and performing the job they are supposed to, making sure there are no safety hazards, and, basically keeping everyone happy. Sounds easy; however, the finer details are more complex.

Specifically, construction managers lead and oversee various building projects from beginning to end. These jobs can be minor remodeling or renovation projects or the construction of big commercial buildings, like a hospital or school. Around two thirds of U.S construction managers will be self-employed and are hired because they have the work experience and often a bachelor’s degree in a related field.

While some people refer to them as general contractors or construction managers, these are actually two separate jobs. Construction managers are involved in a job from its very beginning, helping clients with their planning, in addition to selecting an architect and general contractor.

There are various tasks a construction company managers does, such as project management planning, overall cost, quality control, administration, and safety management.

Project management

This stage involves creating a plan for the whole job, such as the different jobs which have to be done, the materials needed, and a schedule.

Cost management

They have to constantly monitor costs, making adjustments should any unexpected problems or complications crop up.

Quality management

Projects usually involve several contractors and subcontractors, construction managers have to ensure they’re doing their job correctly, and not shaving any corners.

Contract administration

Long contracts with a client are all part of construction projects, and it’s the construction manager’s job to make sure all the contract stipulations are getting adhered to and that all parties are happy.

Safety management

Construction sites are potential safety hazards, which a construction manager has to be aware of and guard against.

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