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What Is the Organization Structure in a Construction Company?

A construction company is built around job management goals. Which means the structure of such a company branches out to numerous vice presidents, each one being responsible for different phases of a business, ranging from contractual obligations to seeking out new business. Most of the more visible workers are the line staff, which are employed beneath one department, this is known as the construction management department.

Various other managers and employees within the hierarchy will have key positions, all of which keep construction workers in line regarding safety regulations, such as wearing hard hats etc. The highest position within a construction company will be the president or CEO position. Within major companies, this individual will only answer to their board of directors; however, they could just answer to one person unless the owner is also the president. This person is the one responsible to their customers and shareholders.

Many of the everyday responsibilities when running such a company will fall to various vice presidents. They will oversee staff regarding numerous duties. The vice presidents of engineering, construction, sales, operations and development will organize and oversee a construction firm. Others may be given the job to act as a chief financial officer or director for operations. Some major construction companies that deal with numerous different projects will divide their vice presidents amongst residential, bridge, road, commercial, or other such projects.

Because this business deals mainly with the planning and executing of various projects all at once, a business model is generally used. Which means the company could employ several managers working beneath key vice presidents, all of which will be responsible for a certain building project, in addition to supervising their line workers. Once the job is finished, the project managers move to the next job, which is sought out by their sales departments.

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